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May contain: helmet, person, fire, clothing, and glove

Training provides preparation on how firefighters should best respond to a wide variety of possible emergency incidents. The goal is to properly prepare every firefighter to respond with instinctive knowledge and expertise. The training schedule ranges from daily, weekly, and monthly drills, half-day training sessions with other agencies, and month-long certification courses. In order to maintain the high standards of the Kenwood Fire District, firefighters must learn and excel in many areas, including firefighting, search and rescue, emergency medicine, vehicle extrication, swift water rescue, confined space rescue, and hazardous materials.

The objectives of the Training & Safety section are to:

  • Evaluate the training level of individual employees.
  • Research, recommend and provide training in new concepts.
  • Plan and coordinate training with the other agencies.
  • Plan, provide and supervise department recruit academies, sometimes jointly in collaboration with other fire departments.
  • Coordinate training activities with county and state agencies and ensure compliance with relevant standards and legal requirements.
  • Develop, recommend and implement safe practices in relation to operations of the department.
  • Investigate and report on incidents and accidents that resulted in injury or significant property damage involving department personnel or property.
  • Maintain detailed, current records of all training conducted by the department or received elsewhere for all department personnel.