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Controlled Burning

May contain: fire, flame, and bonfire

Bay Area Air Quality Management District, (BAAQMD) regulations require a burn permit. Burn permits are available on line at, and may be sent by FAX, mail (post marked least five days prior to burning), or electronically. Verbal notification to BAAQMD is no longer an acceptable means of notification. See the 2021 New Burning Compliance's below!

Burning may be performed on official burn days only. To determine if it is a burn day, call 1-800-792-0787

In addition, prior to the start of any burn, you must notify County Fire Dispatch at 707-565-1700. NO BURNING BEFORE 10AM. 

Please note that burn day determination by BAAQMD is based solely on air quality and does not include consideration of burn safety or advisability. Therefore, it may not be advisable to burn even though it is an official burn day. If you have any questions about specific burn safety or advisability you may contact the Kenwood Fire Protection District at 707-833-2042

Controlled Burn Guidelines: 

  • No residential yard waste, landscape or garden leaves, trimmings, cutting or debris may be burned. No trash, stakes, processed or dimensional lumber, shop waste, demolition, automotive products or building materials may be burned.
  • No burning before 10AM and must be completely extinguished before sunset.
  • Do not burn if the temperature is higher than 90 degrees F.
  • Do not burn if wind, or anticipated winds are greater the 10 MPH.
  • Fires must be under the control of an adult at all times.
  • Materials to be burned must be dry to promote clean rapid combustion. 
  • Maximum allowed burn pile size is four feet in diameter.
  • Keep fires at least 50 feet from other combustibles, structures, overhead trees or wires, vehicles and property lines. 

2021 New Burning Compliance Advisory